Privacy Drive

Encrypt your private data and hard drives


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Privacy Drive is a program that encrypts all your hard drive files and protects them with a password so no one can access them without authorization while using your computer – a great solution for users who share a computer. This tool blocks, hides, and encrypts all kinds of files, from images and videos to documents and entire folders thanks to four different algorithms.

Privacy Drive can create multiple volumes on your hard drive and encrypt them as virtual units that store all your private information to protect it from prying eyes. None of the encrypted data can be seen without the set password, not even the name, file extension, or metadata.

The interface is very simple: it shows you the free and used space on your hard drive as well as the volumes so you can search for the data you want to password-protect. You'll simply have to select them and choose the size and a good password, as well as other more advanced adjustments such as the type of encryption and the disk you want to store them on.

With this program you can transfer all your encrypted files on .PDV format using email, cloud storage services (such as Google Drive and Dropbox), as well as USB disks, a CD, or any external hard drive, keeping them encrypted at all times so that the loss of any device does not put your privacy at risk.

In the trial version the password (demo) can't be changed.

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